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Lower your bill with these 27 water conservation tips

Who doesn’t need water conservation? Tips to help you save a little to a lot can really help because it all adds up. KJI Plumbing has compiled some of our own that we’ve developed and borrowed over the years. 

And don’t forget...by 2020 the state has mandated 20% water reduction for everyone!


  • Water landscaping only at night and at short intervals.
  • Install drip irrigation.
  • Remove grass and install drought tolerant plants, investigate native plants, it’s fun!
  • Direct sprinkler heads to ONLY water plants, not the pavement.
  • Replace clogged sprinkler heads.
  • Use a smart controller for all irrigation.
  • If you don’t have automated irrigation install a smart controller on your faucet, they’re inexpensive and effective.
  • Use and maintain mulch around all trees and in flower beds to retain water.

Bathroom water use

  •  A leaky toilet can use 40% more water. Install a new flapper and fill valve for maximum efficiency.
  •  Fix those leaky toilets!
  •  Replace your old toilets with high efficiency units.
  •  Shower for 5 minutes instead of 10 minutes.
  •  Fill your bathtub halfway instead of full.
  •  Don’t let the tap run when brushing teeth or shaving. Turn it on and off as needed.
  •  When showering, get wet, turn water off, lather up then rinse. This is a way to save A LOT.
  •  Install a low flow shower head that has an on/off lever to do the above.
  •  Repair or replace leaky faucets. They can use over 8 gallons per day.


  •  Flush your water heater every 18 months. Build up inside the tank not only uses power but you run more water to get to the hot water because of this.
  •  Install a new, energy efficient water heater, washing machine and dishwasher.
  •  Run full loads of dishes and clothes.


  •  Use aerators on faucet heads.
  •  Clean pavement surfaces with a broom, do not use a hose
  •  Use a hose nozzle with a shut off feature out doors.
  •  Rinse dishes with cold water to remove detergent faster.
  •  Make sure your house water pressure is less than 60 psi. This can cause damage and use excess water. Contact your water authority to find this out, (at your address). If it is in excess of 60psi you should consider installing a pressure reducing valve.
  •  Check your water meter when no water is being consumed (overnight). Wait about 8-10 hours and re-check, if the meter has moved you may have a leak. Undetected leaks should be detected and fixed.
  •  Call KJI Plumbing to see how we can help you with any of the above, we know how!

These water conservation tips really work! KJI is experienced at green construction and would love to help

At KJI Plumbing we have been helping Palmdale, Lancaster and all of the Antelope Valley CA area stay water efficient for over 30 years.

Our estimates are always free so give us a call or schedule an appointment here on our website and we will be there to help you cut your water costs.

Surprising information courtesy of L.A.D.W.P.




Regular toilet: 5-7 gallons

Regular head: 8 gallons per minute

Full: 20 gallons

Ultra Low Flush: 1.6 gallons

Low-flow shower head: 2.5 gallons per minute

Half Full: 10 gallons


Brushing Teeth

Washing Hands

Open tap: 5-10 gallons

Open tap: 2-3 gallons

Open tap: 5-10 gallons

Full basin 1 gallons

Brush and rinse: 1/4-1/2 gallon

Full basin 1 gallons


Washing Produce

Auto Dishwasher

Manual Dishwasher

Open tap: 5-10 gallons

Standard cycle: 10-15 gallons

Open tap: 30 gallons

Full sink: 1-2 gallons

Short cycle 8-13 gallons

Full basin wash and rinse: 5 gallons



Pool (20ft x 40ft)

Car Washing

Everyday: 67-140 gallons

Uncovered: 900-3000 gallons/month

Open tap: 100-200 gallons


Covered 300-1100 gallons/month

Shut off nozzle: 50 gallons

At KJI Plumbing we have a saying...G.U.T.S.

Go Use This Stuff! Give us a call or contact us on this site and let our technicians help you stay green and lean!

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