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Using KJI for Copper repiping or copper to pex is an intelligent and wise investment

Old galvanized piping, clunking sounds, low water pressure, rusty water, even slab leaks are all signs you need to investigate copper re-piping or pex piping. KJI Plumbing in Palmdale has been serving our area of Lancaster, Palmdale and the greater Antelope Valley for over 30 years.

The benefits of new copper or pex piping

  • Higher water pressure
  • Cleaner, safer water
  • Years of care free service
  • Better efficiency
  • Lower costs

Commercial and residential repiping specialists

Since KJI has been serving our businesses and homes for over 3 decades, our Plumbers and Technicians are very qualified to serve you in an efficient manner. Efficiency equals cost and time savings for you.

Copper to pex repiping is also a specialty

Pex piping is a nearly indestructible plastic piping. Fewer joints exist so among other benefits, less maintenance is needed. If you have older copper piping and you’ve heard about how pex is a wonderful option talk to us. We will provide you with a free estimate of the costs to convert from copper to pex or from any other piping to pex. Pex really is a wonderful option, we install miles of the stuff in our projects from day to day.

Slab leaks

If we’ve detected a slab leak or you know you have one, it makes a great time to look into repiping.

We offer a 10% discount to our first time customers.

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