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Hydrojet sewer and drain cleaning regularly will save you money

KJI Plumbing can show you how to keep more money in your pocket. Hydrojet sewer and drain cleaning works great on clogs but there is more.

Why hydrojetting should be your choice whether you drain is clogged or not

Simply put, 7000 psi of hot water aimed at a clog will dissolve it and flush it out. Other methods remove a lot of the material inside your pipes but enough is pushed to the sides or left behind. The only thing that is certain, we’ll be back to do the nasty, dirty, stinky deed again.

When done regularly, (only 4 times per year), hydrojetting will keep your pipes free of any buildup of grease, hair, foods and anything else that causes expensive drain stoppages.

Let us tell you of an even more economical way to handle clogs:

Don’t let them form again!

Enlist in our quarterly hydojetting program. The expense in the long run is much less than repeatedly contracting a plumber every time you have a stoppage.

If you’re a Restaurant, Hotel or business when the drain stops so does the income, the “smart money” relies on prevention to stay ahead

This is all the more reason to use our quarterly hydrojet sewer and drain cleaning services to keep your pipes in optimal operating condition.

Whether you’re a business or a home, hydrojet drain cleaning is a service you should look into. We know that once you look at the figures you’ll see it’s a smart way to go.

Hydrojetting may not be for you, let us tell you if it is

In the spirit of disclosure, there are times when we may not use hydro jetting. Your lines may be old, you may have another problem and honestly maybe a rooter would be best.

We will be honest with you and give you the best course of action just like we have been doing for the last 30+ years.

Give us a call or request an appointment using our on line service

We are pleased to serve you, and we are Antelope Valley’s best Hydrojet sewer and drain cleaning service.

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