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To be economical and smart use KJI Commercial and residential Water Heater service

Wasting money is easy if your water heater is old and hasn’t been serviced in 18 months or more. Why? It only takes sludge 18 months or less to build up inside your water heater’s tank.

That costs more energy to heat the water and more water to run before you get hot water.

So make sure your heater is working at tip top efficiency if you want to lower your water bill.

KJI’s water heater service replaces, repairs and services water heaters in Palmdale, Lancaster and all of Southern California

We not only service water heaters but we replace them as well. There are options to consider when replacing one and we can help you.

If you have a tank, flushing your hot water heater tank is essential to the healthy function of your unit. Flushing your tank every 18 months is essential. Our hard water around here causes mineral deposits to build up inside your tank, it can reduce the tank’s volume by up to 50%.

Mineral deposits cost money (in your water heater tank)

Mineral deposits can be very dense and they start at the bottom and build up. Over time, they can move up quite high if you don’t flush your tank of these deposits.

The water heater’s heating element is on the bottom and if your tank is full of deposits it has to heat through the deposits to finally get to the water. What happens is the water takes longer to heat up so you use more energy, and you run more water to get the hot water to your tap.

So you are wasting a lot of water. Water is money.

Often if a water heater stops working this is the problem. So if any of these are familiar to you or if you’re only getting cold water, call us for water heater service. Also, that may not be the problem. We will diagnose determine quickly what you need.

We perform:

  • Gas water heater service
  • Electric water heater service
  • Tankless water heater service
  • Replacement for all of the above

Commercial and Residential water heater service

KJI Plumbing in Palmdale has served the Palmdale, Lancaster and all of the Antelope Valley areas for over 30 years. So if all you have is cold water we’ll get out to you fast!

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