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Eliminate costly problems with KJI's septic system service

Have you “been nice” to your septic system? Service sounds like such a bad word. Pumping is not a bad word and it’s not that expensive.

Have you sold your house and need a certificate? Both of these issues are the most common we come across.

Septic systems need service from time to time and KJI Plumbing in Palmdale, CA is ready for you with a free estimate and skilled personnel. All of our services are in-house so we don’t have to sub anything out and that reduces cost for you.

Often times a system acts up for months while you dread that phone call because of the expense, well don’t. We will come out and look at your system and give you a free estimate, and you will probably wonder why you endured the problem for so long.

We will trouble shoot your problems on site and that saves time. Often times you need a drain cleaning or your tank pumped but whatever it is, don’t be afraid of the costs.

Septic system service can prevent future more expensive services

Pumping your septic tank is nothing to be afraid of, it should be part of your regular scheduled maintenance. Pumping can actually prevent problems that can develop into catastrophic failure of your whole system.

When a property changes hands, a certificate is required to ensure proper function.

KJI Plumbing can help you here, we’ve been doing it for decades

Los Angeles County septic system requirements have changed

Depending on your size and situation you may be notified that you have to replace your system or upgrade. Of course, all new construction is required to adhere to the new standards. KJI is up to date on all of the new requirements and able to lead you through them efficiently and in the best way possible.

KJI has the septic system service equipment for commercial and residential needs

We own our own backhoes, dump trucks, jetting tools and they’re at the ready for you. Let our skilled personnel and journeymen plumbers take your repairs or project through to completion with the least amount of headache.

We’ve been doing it for over 30 years!

Call us or schedule an appointment on-line, either way, let us help you.

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