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 KJI Slab leak detection services are smart and economical

  • We use highly sophisticated equipment for slab leak detection to minimize impact
  • Leak detection inside and outside, from curb to building interior
  • Commercial and residential
  • Fast, economical repairs of the leaks
  • Not limited to under slab
  • Our dedicated service dispatch department means we get to you fast

 State of the art slab leak detection equipment will save you money

We never immediately cut into your slab to begin the repair, this may not be necessary. In fact, if you have someone cutting your slab before they test, stop and give us a call. Our equipment can pinpoint the origin of the leak and every effort will be made to be as minimally invasive as possible.

We’re not saying we won’t cut your slab, but using our equipment will pinpoint the leak and reduce the size of a cut. Cutting may not be necessary, but without looking for your slab leak this way, repairs could be much larger.

Sophisticated slab leak detection equipment allows us to fix your home or business in a smart and economic way.

We’ve been trusted by our customers in Palmdale, Lancaster and the greater AV area helping homes and businesses for over 30 years. We also serve Santa Clarita, Valencia and all of Southern California.

Possible symptoms to look for

  • A noticeably higher water bill
  • Moisture spots on slab or carpet, tiles may also be coming up
  • Appearance of mildew on floor or along baseboard
  • If it’s bad enough you may hear running water
  • Hot water leaks may cause warming of the slab
  • Some cracking may even be noticeable

Repairs may not limited to inside the building

A leak may be outside, under your pool deck or some other place as well. We will detect the leak and identify the most economical way to get you back in business.

Don’t forget, we do residential and commercial!

If you see any of these symptoms it would be a great time to contact KJI Plumbing to get a free estimate for a slab leak detection. We will make the process as painless as possible for you. 

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