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Commercial and residential Water Softener maintenance and replacement

KJI Plumbing in Palmdale, CA can help you with water softener maintenance and replacement. The efficiency of your water softener has a great impact on your bottom line.

The cost of water and the regulations we’re facing to cut back can really bring challenges to your business and your home. As if that’s not enough, the hard water we have in the Antelope Valley and most of Southern California can really be bothersome.

That’s in part why we have water softeners. Other reasons are:

  • clogged water lines
  • poor water quality and safety
  • clean toilet bowls
  • better looking and feeling skin

If your water bill matters, Water Softener efficiency should be at peak performance

We have been serving our area doing Water Softener maintenance and replacement for over 30 years. Schedule KJI for a free estimate to get your system up to date and efficient.

Our service department has dedicated operators to see that your scheduling is easy, fast and efficient

Speed and efficiency is what you demand and that’s what we’ve been doing for years. If you’re in need of maintenance, we’ll get you going pronto!

We offer a 10% discount to our first time customers.

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