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 Using video plumbing inspection is a smart and economical way to diagnose a stoppage

The use of video plumbing inspection allows our technicians to determine exactly what is wrong with your lines. The benefit here is that the cost of your repair can be greatly limited because of knowledge. What’s better than the ability to know?

Here are some other benefits of using video inspection

  • Problem identification is easier
  • Quickly identifies future problem areas
  • You will see the condition of a large part of your system
  • Peace of mind in knowing from seeing
  • Quick diagnosis and no guesswork
  • Identifying related problems visually can limit damage to walls and slabs later
  • We do both Commercial and Residential

In addition, a standard stoppage may not be the problem. Roots may be causing other problems, there may be a broken pipe or something else. Without the use of our video camera pipe inspection, diagnosis can be guesswork and that can be expensive.

KJI Plumbing has the latest high tech cameras for our video plumbing inspection services

Our camera operators are well trained in the use of our cameras. All are equipped with lights, remote screens and the ability to get far into the most remote places.

Using video plumbing inspection can identify hard to fix problems because it finds the real cause. Often times without identifying the exact cause the fix can worsen the problem.

For instance, if it’s an offset pipe or broken pipe, snaking may make the problem worse. You would never know without using video plumbing inspection equipment.

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